Eric Bechtold’s Marketing Tool – Tracking Interface Review

After doing affiliate marketing online I quickly admired the power of the tracking interface that Eric Bechtold has created for his downline.

The system is seamless and it automates most of your marketing. It is by far the best marketing tool that I’ve personally found.

Watch this video to get a sneak peak of this powerful tool.

This is what you get with the Automatic Wealth System Marketing Tool:

  • Automated Sales Funnel. Just get people in the door and then point them in the right direction.
  • An awesome Tracking Interface, that tracks and shows you your contacts and what actions that they have taken. This takes a lot of the guess work out of the system.
  • Get text messages when you get a new prospect.
  • The system automatically sends a text out to prospects when their bonus time is running out. This puts them back into the system so they can join. You get this in the Premium and Enterprise Versions.
  • Generate marketing codes for urls so you can track marketing dollars offline and online. This helps you figure out what works so you can concentrate on those techniques. (Enterprise version)
  • Advanced marketing tips.
  • Site for Spanish speakers to join in your business.
  • Ability to personalize one of the lead capture pages with text, personal picture and your own Youtube video. This allows you to gain the trust of your prospect faster.
  • Two killer lead generation websites and two more when you upgrade.
  • Actual letters sent out to prospects. (Premium and Enterprise)
  • Ability to get even more residual income after you upgrade to either Pro or Enterprise.
  • Done for you postcard marketing, PPC and drop-cards. Fast way to get prospects!
  • Marketing flyer that you can put your own short website on.
  • Video tutorials that show you how to re-direct a domain to the website of your choice.
  • Audios and video tutorials on how to use the site and what to do first.
  • Opportunity to re-set your prospects bonus timer (leads they receive) This sends them through the system and they get their leads if they join. (This is for Enterprise level)
  • Ability to run Co-Op marketing. This is a huge way to get prospects. (This is for Enterprise level)
  • Tuesday night team call.
  • Call back Calender
  • and more…
Getting this tool as I joined Light Year was a dream in it’s self. All you have to do is put people in the funnel and then follow up with them. The follow up is the key. It usually takes 5-7 different exposures to a business before some one will join. That is the main reason that I’m building this blog. I want to help you get free cell phone service. I want to help you get a profitable business going.

If that isn’t enough of a marketing tools, I don’t know what you need. I use this tool extensively and I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed in it’s functions as you get used to it.

If you would like to join this system and get in go here

Thanks and I look forward to your input.

If you are in my system already go ahead and call me. I will send you a private e-mail that will allow you to get re-qualified for your bonuses and we will get you started with Light Year.


Barry Huddleston

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  1. Eric Bechtold says:

    Barry… I was just poking around doing a search on myself and found your blog. Thank you for the kind words and for working with us. Keep up the great work and if you need anything… you know how to reach me.

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